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Friday 21 October 2016 – District Days

Friday 21 October 2016 – District Days
October 21, 2016 Anne Browse

A good MWiB District Day is not just about the keynote speaker! The event will be organised carefully by a team who plan the programme and publicise the day; transport will be arranged to ensure that people will be able to come, regardless of where they live; the home team at the venue will be on hand to welcome people as they arrive and to manage the local technology; refreshments will be prepared and served; various people will prepare to lead worship and other parts of the day’s programme.

On Wednesday at Portchester there were also excellent stalls, with both MWiB and other items to purchase. I took a photo of Ruby and Anne as they ran the bookstall. For many people this provides an an excellent opportunity to buy Christian books and cards.

Of course one of the most important elements of a day like Wednesday is friendliness and shared conversation over coffee and lunch and tea. It was a pleasure to be at Portchester and to meet so many women from the Southampton District. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality and for sharing some of your stories with me.