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Friday 11 November 2016 – final day at Treloyhan

Friday 11 November 2016 – final day at Treloyhan
November 11, 2016 Anne Browse
Treloyhan 2016

Another picture from the beginning of the week at Treloyhan Manor. I remember being called over last year for a photo shoot on this same staircase! This, left to right, shows Mark, Margaret, Linda, Jill and Jenny – Bible study leader, event organiser, keynote speaker, district vice president and district president respectively.

For this second half of the week Mark will have handed the Bible studies over to Jane. The programme at Treloyhan is very full and varied and a highlight of the MWiB year in the Cornwall District. This year Linda has led the women with the theme Pilgrims on a Journey. She has shared stories from her pilgrimage in the Holy Land; her time as President of MWiB; partnership with the Church of North India; and the journey which many people make alongside those who live with dementia.

It is good to come together from many different groups, churches and circuits across the county and to have time to meet friends, make friends, reflect and relax together in the beautiful setting of this Christian Guild Hotel in St Ives. I understand that the weather has been varied, which is not surprising at this time of year. There have also been camera-worthy sunrises across the bay, judging by Facebook posts throughout the week, including one photo posted by Jenny only this morning! She accompanied the picture with these words:

‘Morning has broken on our last morning at Treloyhan Manor. The conferences have been a journey and a pilgrimage. We have shared laughter and tears, been fed with spiritual and physical food, spent time in fellowship with friends. Thank you to all who have contributed and will contribute today to our learning and sharing. God bless everyone – until we meet again.’