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MWiB Report for Southampton District 2015/16

MWiB Report for Southampton District 2015/16
November 30, 2016 Judith Simms

The District partnership supporting the fledgling United Methodist churches in Bulgaria and Romania, which was extended for a second year, was completed. Over the two years £20,610.20 was raised. Money sent for the work in Bulgaria provided Bibles and other resources for women, and money sent to Romania, principally enabled them to print a Prayer Manual written by them, and also purchase equipment, such as a projector, plus provide training.  Travel costs for the women to visit the District and also attend Swanwick conferences were also made and for representatives of our District Committee to attend the launch of the Prayer Manual [The Chest of Jewels]. A number of copies were printed in English so have enabled us to share their faith. The remainder of the money is to be used to take forward the work of the three Pastors and supporting the women in Romania.

Nearer home, Mrs Chris Stuckey, District President, has continued to share her theme of ‘Abundant Life’ across the District, and is thoroughly enjoying visiting many of the churches and groups, sharing the messages about the work of MWiB. This includes four Roadshows,  organised by the District Committee, held in different parts of the District through April and May [Andover, Wimborne, Emsworth and Weymouth] using the theme ‘God is not Dead’ from the film of the same name. The Weymouth Roadshow also welcomed two ladies visiting from the church of North India.

Each day included Bible study led by a local member, clips from the film to stimulate discussions, and after lunch ‘Messy Church for Adults’ involving opportunities to try a range of activities e.g. exploring  stimuli for writing, and crafts. A sharing day at Chandler’s Ford on the theme ‘Who do we think we are?’ followed in June looking at some of the early influential Methodist women.

Gill Robinson [former Forum Rep] attended the World Assembly in Houston. We thank Gill for her work for MWiB, including keeping us up to date with the wider Connexion, collecting donations for ‘Tenners for Texas’, and arranging coach travel to the Paul Field concert.  Paul and Garth certainly prompted discussion, provoked thoughts, and provided challenges.

Our bi-annual District magazine [Southern View] received a new look, with a bright attractive cover and a new Editor. Alison Judd has kept us all up to date about her travels and happenings in the wider world, and we are proud and delighted about her new role as World President of WFUMCW. We look forward to more exciting news.