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    Monday 12 December 2016 – I’ve got a ticket to ride

    Monday 12 December 2016 – I’ve got a ticket to ride
    December 12, 2016 Anne Browse
    Train tickets

    Tim Baker, known to many of us through his work for All We Can, once posted a photograph on Facebook of the vast number of train tickets he had accrued over a certain period of time. I wondered then if I should have kept all the train tickets I have used during my time with MWiB? Once I come home they are discarded!

    Today Ken, my husband, will head to London for his final meetings there as Chair of the National Association of Local Councils. For the past four years he has served parish councils in this voluntary capacity and has travelled miles and miles, as evidenced by his impressive collection of train tickets. These piles do not, of course, include those tickets devoured by the ticket barrier machines at the end of some journeys!

    Since 25 November I have not packed a suitcase or boarded a train! The emails have continued, MWiB business has not ceased, but I have deliberately taken time out from the travelling element of the role. On Thursday 22 December our daughter Katie will marry George here in Halberton and so I have been busy combining tasks for MWiB with preparations for the wedding and for Christmas. A December to remember!