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Monday 19 December 2016 – Points of Light award

Monday 19 December 2016 – Points of Light award
December 19, 2016 Anne Browse
Points of Light

I may not post much on the blog over the next few days, as we prepare for our big family celebration. Katie and George get married on Thursday, so the week is likely to become pretty busy! After that I shall think about Christmas, or maybe collapse in a heap!

One of the highlights of being involved in Methodist Women in Britain has been sharing other people’s joys and celebrations. Last week Lynne Ling emailed some of us with the news that her daughter had received a Prime Minister’s Points of Light award for her work with the charity for which she works – see Frances founded the ‘Lightyear Foundation’ dedicated to giving children in the UK and Ghana the opportunity to explore the world around them through science.

The photo shows the certificate and the letter which Fran received from Theresa May. Congratulations, Fran, on making a difference to the lives of these young people!