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Monday 6 March 2017 – happy reunion

Monday 6 March 2017 – happy reunion
March 6, 2017 Anne Browse
Daffodil Day 2017

Today I was speaking at Daffodil Day at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. Or perhaps more accurately, I was being interviewed by Pam Rhodes! My local vicar, Sue, was green with envy when she knew this. It is apparently something to which she has always aspired!

The theme of the gathering this year was Life-changing Prayer, and the whole programme encompassed that theme. I shared stories of three life-changing prayers for me.

The first was the story of my prayer of commitment to Christ, when I gave my life to God on a Girls’ Brigade summer camp in August 1967. I was just ten years old, but I sensed even then that this was an important, life changing moment, and I am sure that it has shaped my life over the past fifty years!

I was taken on that camp by Joyce and Marjorie, our Girls’ Brigade officers from the 1st Thatcham Company. Marjorie died several years ago. Joyce celebrated her 90th birthday in December last year. I knew that it was possible that Joyce might just be at Central Hall today, and so I loitered around the lift area outside the Great Hall. Imagine my delight when I spotted her resolutely climbing that daunting stone staircase! It was a joy to hug and to chat and to have our photo taken, before she went in to find her seat. That meeting really felt like an answer to prayer, because finding people in the Daffodil Day crowd can be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack!

I will share more photos from Daffodil Day, and more stories of life changing prayer, in my next blogs. I will post this now, from the train as I travel home to Devon.