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Saturday 11 March 2017 – around the world

Saturday 11 March 2017 – around the world
March 11, 2017 Anne Browse
Children in The Gambia

One of the stated aims of our movement is ‘to connect women in Britain with women worldwide’. Over the past few days I have seen so many examples of how women with whom I have contact through MWiB are involved with others across the world. Forgive me if you think I should have included something you have been doing. If you let me know, perhaps it could go into a future blog!

Liz Burroughs and Irene Hayes represent us on the National Committee for the Women’s World Day of Prayer and through the work of women like them we are able to share the story of women such as the women of the Philippines, who were the writers of this year’s international and ecumenical service.

Alison Judd, President of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women, has recently been in Chicago, together with Louise Wilson from Ireland. They have been meeting in business with women from across the Federation. Photos are on the WFMUCW Facebook page.

Jill Baker has been exploring new possibilities for pilgrimage in Scotland – I follow her (literally) on Twitter and via her blog and look forward to further information on this to share with you soon.

Beth Leeming has returned safely from her fortnight of volunteering with refugees on the island of Samos and I will share some of her reflections here over the coming days.

Women from the Birmingham District have been challenged to look at the issues of Chaplaincy and Syrian refugees at their recent day with Rev David Butterworth.

Margaret Gardner and her husband Colin will head out to The Gambia next Wednesday. Today’s photo shows some of the children whom she supports by sharing their story in as many places as possible.

The list could go on. Women who aim to know Christ and to make Christ known, in all sorts of ways, throughout the world. Please remember them in your prayers. In my next blog I will focus on women who share their faith closer to home, which should never be underestimated!