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    9th April 2017 – Holy Week

    9th April 2017 – Holy Week
    April 7, 2017 Judith Simms

    Jesus, I imagine your hand

    caressing the little donkey’s head.

    An unbroken animal, soon to face a burden and great noise,

    yet steadily carrying you to the gates of Jerusalem.


    My thought travels to your burden,

    just a few days later:

    the weight of the cross

    carried amongst the weeping and the jeering crowds.

    And so the thought flashes into my mind –

    no gentle hand to caress you,


    I remember the woman who held out a cloth.

    But you told her to weep for herself and all women,

    not you.


    Looking back there was

    Palm Sunday and

    singing, rejoicing,


    Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

    The days follow swiftly, too swiftly

    and we are caught in the sober cruelty

    of the first

    Good Friday.


    How can we pray?

    How can we even seek forgiveness

    for the betrayal we make

    unwittingly when we abandon you?


    We watch you washing feet

    and long to feel your touch on ours,

    washing us clean.


    We watch you sharing that last meal

    and somehow, in this week,

    of all weeks,

    we sense the reality,

    the wholeness of the offering.


    We watch the disciples in Gethsemane

    and strive to keep awake ourselves

    we feel for them, not knowing exactly

    what would come to pass


    We do


    Jesus, in our hearts we know

    that each of us would have been


    For once we are at one with your close friends,

    understanding their human frailty,

    but wishing someone

    would have gently caressed your head

    before you were led out,

    beyond the gate,

    outside the wall

    to Calvary.


    Reading:   John 12:12-19; 13:1-20

    STF 266    All the room was hushed and still


    Prayers for April by Hazel Parsons