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Open or Closed? 30th April 2017

Open or Closed? 30th April 2017
April 28, 2017 Judith Simms

Tintern Abbey:

A building ruined for a King, by his men,

because he wanted

more money, riches

and simply took it.

Monks displaced

Locals without access to alms.


These days such ruins remind us

of past skills, past dedication

and past error.

We wander through the ruins reflectively,


remembering the good deeds and the less good.


Two entrances, one open

the other unimaginably locked,

this is a ruin, after all!

Yet I look at the pictures and ponder,

how open are we, honestly, to the gift

of Easter?

Do we lock it away, for ourselves,

striving to keep it pure, undefiled?

Do we dare to speak our belief,

to unlock our hearts,

our voices,

our passion

and stand as open to the elements

as is the open doorway?


We pray for wisdom to keep hearts

and minds

open to the movement of your Spirit.

When you have gently knocked

and we have opened like a spring flower

in warm sunshine,

move us to remove the door

and be open to receive and

to come and go in your most precious Name.

Remove the padlock

unnecessarily shutting out,

pretending to keep safe

and free us with the beauty and the wonder

of eternity.




Reading: Acts 12:1-19

StF 450   Open, Lord, my inward ear


Prayers for April by Hazel Parsons