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Following – 7th May 2017

Following – 7th May 2017
May 5, 2017 Judith Simms

The children clambered over the rocks

And, Lord, I watched them with pleasure

Enjoying the early evening.

One, sure footed, sped from

Rock to rock

Like a fleet footed mountain goat;

The other followed determinedly

Unsure, using both hands and feet

To scramble safely behind.

At times losing sight of her friend.


My thoughts turning

To the experience of following,

I pondered our discipleship of you

In the the light of Easter.

Each one of us is different:

Some follow easily,

Never looking back simply

Drawn by your example.

Sure of their commitment

And with implicit trust

They scramble over the rocks

And obstacles with confidence.


For others as they follow

Determined to keep going,

With gritted teeth

Fear of falling,

Constant backward glances,

It is only love of you,

Gracious Lord,

That holds them steady.

Every slip and slide,

Every perceived


They face only because

They can do no other.


Experience is a strange thing.

For some it gives


Others, wariness and caution;

To still others

It makes the bricks of anxiety

Into a barrier

Of supreme difficulty.


Good leadership allows the follower

The opportunity

To follow at their own pace.


Lord, in your acceptance of Thomas,

Forgiveness of Peter,

Conversation with the two

Walking to Emmaus,

You reveal to us

How you accept our own discipleship.

Stumbling along

Or free running

We seek to follow you

And suddenly find you

By our side

Not disappearing

Out in front.


May the Easter Hope

Keep us faithful

Hold us steady

And point us to Glory,

For the sake of Jesus



Reading:  Philippians 1:3-26

StF 674     Would I have answered when you called come follow, follow me?


Prayers for May by Hazel Parsons