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Tranquility – 14th May 2017

Tranquility – 14th May 2017
May 12, 2017 Judith Simms

Loving and Gracious God,

Sometimes you offer us space,

Space to be quiet,

To stop and reflect,

Or even simply to stop.

And, in that stopping, we are able,


To see beyond the visible and grasp something of You.


Here, in this tranquil place,

This space between the turning of the tide,

There is that opportunity

To look and notice.

The movement is barely visible or audible.

Then a hesitant sun breaks through,

Bringing the return of colours

Previously unseen,

And I know that when I see you least

You are most certainly present.


The tranquility of quiet times:

A blessing sometimes

Which goes unrecognised.


But we cannot live in tranquility,

For there are things which

Must be addressed,

And the return from serenity to busyness

Can be a hard one.

Although I know,

Yes, I know,

That having experienced the tranquil times

There is

Within them


And preparation for return.


Quiet beckons us,

‘Be still’ you say,

‘And know,

Know that I am God.

And then, in that knowing

You will receive

The strength you need

To walk with confidence

Into the busy streets’.


We thank you

Loving God for space to meet with you

In the quiet

Knowing that you are with us






Reading:  Psalm 63

StF 45       Earth’s creator everyday God


Prayers for May by Hazel Parsons