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    Broken Glass – 21st May 2017

    Broken Glass – 21st May 2017
    May 19, 2017 Judith Simms

    We collected tiny shards of glass

    Smoothed by the sea

    And carelessly tumbled onto the beach

    By the ceaseless movement of waves.

    Fragments of bottles

    Thoughtlessly discarded and broken

    By rock and wave.


    I am reminded of the way that,

    We too can be broken,

    Broken into fragments

    And yet,

    Unlike the bottles

    Still appear whole, undamaged.


    Lord we pray

    For all those whose lives

    Have been broken by trauma.

    Minds tormented by

    Experiences beyond imagination,

    Hearts made cold, frozen

    By hurts and words

    Replaying repeatedly and

    Scoring ever deeper scars.


    Loving God we cannot

    Solve, resolve the hurts

    Inflicted on others.

    Yet we can be there

    For those we know

    Who suffer.

    We can be careful

    With our own words and actions.

    We must seek not to discriminate, nor to judge,

    But to listen carefully

    And seek to heal.


    Remind us too to bring


    With our own hurts and scars,

    Our own concealed

    Broken hopes and dreams.


    Risen Christ, you willingly died

    For our broken world.

    You wept and sighed

    Forgave and loved

    Longing to bring the glue that mends

    Rather than the hammer that breaks.

    As we walk with you help us to be glue

    And to look with love

    On broken shards,

    Our own and those of others,

    And lift them up to you

    For recognition and for




    Reading:  Psalm 34

    StF  693   Beauty for Brokenness


    Prayers for May by Hazel Parsons