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Granite Walls – 28th May 2017

Granite Walls – 28th May 2017
May 26, 2017 Judith Simms

Lord, you know just how fascinated I am

By these granite walls;

Blocks placed by hand

With skill, almost intuitively,

With an innate sense of pride in creating

A barrier of strength but of beauty.


This wall has withstood the ravages

Of time and weather;

Of cruel storms hurling fierce winds

Across the ocean and then

Meeting this blockade set in its path.


But I sit and look and see beyond

The granite.

Between the crevices

Small plants take root

Spilling out and softening

The stark brutality

Of stone.

Yet even more mysterious and beautiful

Is the slow spread of many lichens

Patches of colour and patterns

Decorating the granite

Like an artist’s palette.


Sitting here

I am conscious of the harshness of life

For so many of your children

Of any and of every age.

I am conscious of the need

For crevices of hope

To be filled with Life

And for the starkness of hardship

To be softened by kindness.


It would seem that

These granite stones

Exposed to the frenzy and fury of storms

Would have the softening hues ripped away –

But it is not so!


Thus, Lord, do our prayers and pleas

For hope and love

Colour the world in which we find ourselves

Bringing your strengthening comfort

Where all seems bleak and stern.


Father, forgive us when we fail to trust

Your eternal promise

To be with us until the end of time,

Colour our hard times

With the joy of Gospel Hope!



Reading: Colossians 3:12-17

StF 736    In heavenly love abiding


Prayers for May by Hazel Parsons