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Receiving? 18th June 2017

Receiving? 18th June 2017
June 17, 2017 Judith Simms

As your people, Gracious and Loving God,

We find ourselves offered


Unconditional love,

Grace –

But how often do we truly receive it?

Or, allow others to understand

It is there for them too?


Sometimes we reach out

Grab what you have to offer

And squirrel it away for a rainy day;

Other times we take it warily

Sure that there is a catch;

Still other times we turn away

Unable to accept

The reality of your promises.


And all you ask is that we share:

Forgive as we have been forgiven;

Encourage as we have been encouraged;

Feed as we have been fed;

Reach out a hand

As your hand has reached out to us;

Smile as you have smiled on us…….



yes, there is an ‘And’,

Speak your name,

That others in receiving of you through us

May receive directly

And thus pass on the offering to others.


But, first, yes first,

We have to accept from you.

Accept that we are loved,

Accept that you have no favourites!

Accept that you are always looking



For all

Yes, all,

Even the most unlikely,

In fact,

Often the most unlikely!


Like this small thrush

We have to overcome our wariness of you,

Settle on the hand stretched out before us,

Take the proffered food

Gain confidence,

Even turn our backs

Secure that you will not reach out to capture

And restrain us

But only warm our hearts and set us free.


So, Father, as my heart filled with such


At the trust of that small thrush,

I know your heart fills with song

As I renew my trust in you.


Give us the longing

To drop our guard in your divine presence

To remove our protective shell

And come before you

Humbly, trustingly and lovingly

For Jesus’ sake



Reading: John 21:15-19

StF 462    Come with me, come wander


Prayers for June by Hazel Parsons