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    Raw Material – 11th June 2017

    Raw Material – 11th June 2017
    June 9, 2017 Judith Simms

    Three small pebbles,

    Each one quite different,

    Each one found on the same beach,

    Each one the material from which the sand

    Will, eventually, be made.


    The beach itself appears to have its own


    Of colour and of grains,

    Yet it is an erroneous perception:

    For the grains are many colours,

    And some coarser, some finer,

    Than others.


    God of all creation

    I look around and think that I see,

    That I understand,

    Yet you have always more to show me.


    With these three pebbles

    You remind me of the way creation works.

    Within each pebble there are different colours

    Caused by different components,

    And the effects of crushing or of fire.


    To release, once again,

    These varied components

    And thereby create the soft sand on which I sit,

    They must rub against each other

    With the movement of the waves,

    Until little by little tiny fragments fall away.

    Even then the ceaseless movement of

    Wave on wave

    Will grind them smaller until they

    Are as fine as dust.


    So, what is it that you help me to understand



    The human family is vast and

    Varied and yet one.

    We are the raw material

    With which you build your kingdom.

    We are one,

    Yet each one is unique.

    Each one will suffer,

    Each one will lose a little of

    Herself, himself

    In the rough ravages of time

    Yet the fragments

    Are themselves a new creation.


    We choose to see our differences

    But find it much more difficult

    To perceive our common


    And thus we ridicule, deride, abuse

    Each other

    Because we do not understand.


    Remind us that we are –

    We are the raw material

    That you choose to use

    To build your kingdom.

    So as we rub against each other,

    Apply your soothing oil

    Of anointing.

    Thus may we be appointed

    To serve you and your creation.



    Reading:  Acts 9:1-19

    StF 401     Come sinners to the gospel feast


    Prayers for June by Hazel Parsons