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Prayer where we are – 25th June 2017

Prayer where we are – 25th June 2017
June 23, 2017 Judith Simms

In the distance – a white beach glistening,

the drop and splash of oars

muted voices in the still, pure air,

paddling through the clean, crystal clear waters

finding –

on that silver beach –

a bright yellow shell washed up:

of a sudden a prayer of delight and joy

sweeps into the heavens.


In the garden excited chattering

like children’s voices

raising eyes to see

suddenly, the house martins

sweeping low,

hearing the feathered flight

and a prayer of simple happiness

soars with their flight

into the summer skies


A sombre phone call,

voice saddened, tears suppressed,

threads through the sunshine of the day.

prayers of petition

reach into the air

plead for hope

seek comfort.


A thoughtless, careless word.

closed face, turning away,

immediate regret for hurt caused

prayer for forgiveness

for a way to mend and heal


and seeking help.


Prayers come in the midst of living

they stop us just where we are

as we turn mindfully to you.


Accept our worship loving God,

hear our prayers:

sung, whispered, silent, unconfessed

and send your blessings

tumbling down




Reading: Colossians 1:3-14

StF 491    As servants working an estate whose owner is away


Prayers for June by Hazel Parsons