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22nd July 2017 – Haiku

22nd July 2017 – Haiku
July 20, 2017 Judith Simms

Balanced on the edge – a Haiku Reflection or a modern day Psalm!



Balanced on the very edge

Looks impossible


How deep are the roots?

What precision holds it there?

How does it not fall?


How often in life

Do we feel that we are on

The edge of a cliff?


That as we reach out

We seem to be grasping air

Below us – nothing


But for those who trust

The God who created us

Will not let us fall


For how deep the roots

How strong the sense of balance

How firm the holding


“Fear not my children,

I am here and I hold you

In My outstretched hand


Put your hope in Me

Trust and do not be afraid

For I am with you”


Loving and Holy God,

When we feel precarious, on the edge or just about hanging on in there, may our weaknesses become Your strength, our problems become Your opportunities and our defeats, Your victories, So that Jesus may shine through us and Your name be glorified. Amen


A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry – I was taught that the first and third lines have five syllables and the middle line has seven. I find this is a really good way of concentrating what I want to say or express about God and his creation. By having to choose the right words to fit the style to what I am feeling it really concentrates the mind. Go on – have a go!


Prayers for July by Denise Creed

Photo: Tree in the grounds of Penrice Castle, South Wales