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10th September 2017 – Hidden Treasure

10th September 2017 – Hidden Treasure
September 8, 2017 Judith Simms

In my study, which is filled with all manner of strange objects, (you just never know when they will come in handy!) I have a tub which holds a set of Potato Head characters. When I was a child we used a real potato and stuck on the features – now you get the lot including a plastic potato in a tub! I use it for All Age worship and have a talk about different types of potatoes and their characters. It was my sister who showed me something she had written about potatoes for her Church meditation that made me think how little I value potatoes and take them for granted.

In 2008, the United Nations declared the potato to be a “hidden treasure” for it provides nearly all the nutriments we need for life! But Potatoes are often overlooked as they are not seen as very exciting and a little humble compared with all the exotic vegetables that we can buy.

In the Church there are many humble, ordinary people in our midst who like the potato, should be called a “hidden treasure”. They are the people who quietly get on with doing those small, mundane tasks to help others.  They are often the people who are always there for us when we need them and they enrich our lives even when we are not really aware of it. It may be the woman who checks daily on their neighbour or gives a smile to the person who is housebound, it could be the carer who answers the same questions day after day, or the person giving a hug or making a telephone call or sending a card, it could be the person who takes the time to sit with those who are ill or bereaved, it may be the person providing a meal or a listening ear for someone who is struggling.

This week take time to give thanks to God for all the people you would call your hidden treasure, it may be someone you know now or someone you have known in the past. And if they are still alive, how about sending them a card to say “thank you” and tell them how much you appreciate them!


          Lord Jesus, open our eyes to see Your glory and to see the world through Your eyes.
Help us to hear your Voice and to hear the cries of the world as you hear them.
Open us to see the joys and sorrows that You see and warm our hearts with Your love,
that we may be a real presence in the world taking your love and grace
as hidden treasures to all in need.
And may all we do be to Your praise and glory.


Prayers for September by Denise Creed.