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9th June 2018 – Special Moments

9th June 2018 – Special Moments
June 8, 2018 Judith Simms

I absolutely adore seeing wildlife in their natural habitat; living by countryside and sea I get to witness wonderful sights including an owl flying beside me as I drove along the road in daylight! But one of my most special moments was when I saw a seal at St Mary’s Island when I was serving in the Newcastle District.

The tide was just on the turn, going out, and a friend and I were on the Island waiting for the causeway to clear so we could walk back. Suddenly a head popped up in front of us. Having made sure we had spotted him (or her), the seal disappeared only to surface a few yards away. Making sure it had been seen, the seal went off and for 20 minutes played hide and seek with us, waiting for our excited “There he is!” before ducking and coming up in another place. It was magical! Then the tide turned and the rocks started to be revealed and the seal swam off – and we watched in vain, but this time he didn’t come back to play.

I treasure that memory of something so wild and free playing with us. It was a moment in time never to be repeated. Like a rainbow that comes and goes, like a flower at its peak, like a hug when you need it, these for me are special moments. Fleeting, yet giving us wonderful memories.

I wonder what are your ‘Special Moments’? What do you treasure and hold on to in your memory? It may be a picture, it may be a feeling, it may be a person, but these special times are there for us when life just might be getting you down a bit. With the rise of emails, letters are not so common today, yet I still treasure the sound of a letter just for me, and not a bill or junk mail, coming through the letter box.

Every day is filled with Special Moments if we take the time to stop and look and listen and see. Even if you are housebound or not well, hopefully something or someone will just brighten up your day – or you might just be the Special Moment for someone else.

I am thankful we have a God who loves us so much he seeks us out until we can say “There he is!” and even if we can’t always feel or see him, he is there!


Thank you Father God
for Special Moments that take our breath away
or make us feel loved or noticed in a good way.
May we be special to others,
and thank you that we are surrounded
by your love and care always.


You can download this Prayer for the Week here

Prayers for June written by Denise Creed
Image: Seal at St Mary’s Island, Tyne and Wear © Denise Creed