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New Vice President for MWiB

New Vice President for MWiB
October 2, 2018 Judith Simms

At the MWiB Forum on September 29th, Hilary Evans was appointed as our new Vice President/President for 2018- 2022.

Hilary is a member of Romsey Methodist Church in the Southampton District,  and plays an active role within her Church, Circuit and District.  Since retiring in 2009, Hilary has become more involved in activities such as the MWiB Fair Trade café at Romsey, MWiB roadshows, and District celebration days. Hilary is a member of the Circuit and District MWiB organising groups, and has been the Forum representative for the Southampton District for the last two years.

Speaking about her vision for MWiB, Hilary aims to seek fresh ways of raising awareness about the ethos and activities of MWiB. She says, “Younger people tend to be more adept at using IT and social media to gain information and communicate, therefore it would seem to make sense to develop these areas to spread the message.”

Hilary is passionate about social justice and the World Church, the ecumenical Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT), MWiB’s partnership with Touchstone, and organisations such as Stop the Traffik, working to raise awareness of modern slavery and people trafficking.

We welcome Hilary to our executive team and look forward to our future working together.