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A visit to Mexican border migrant shelters – April 2019

A visit to Mexican border migrant shelters – April 2019
June 15, 2019 Judith Simms

In April, MWiB Vice President Hilary Evans, travelling with Revd Felicity Al-Hassan as interpreter, visited Mexico to obtain information about migration and links to human trafficking. Migrants travel north to the Mexico/USA border on goods trains, riding on top of the goods being carried, at constant risk of exploitation from traffickers and threatened by local cartels. The churches provide shelter along the rail track and at the borders, and Hilary’s trip included visits to several struggling and overwhelmed shelters.

Hilary says, “Our emotions were many and various as we saw and heard horrific stories, talked with those determined to offer humanitarian aid, and were inspired by strong acts of simple faith.”

You can hear more about Hilary’s trip at our Methodist Conference Fringe Event on Friday 28th June 2019, and you can download the full report here. You can also invite Hilary to speak at your meeting or event (contact details on back page).