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Update Re Easter Offering 2021

Update Re Easter Offering 2021
October 4, 2019 Judith Simms

A message  about the Easter Offering Service: Into all the world, from Carolyn Lawrence and Global Relationships.

Dear Friends

We hope that you have been able to make use of the Covid-19 Special Easter Offering service prepared by MWiB to help raise awareness of the ways the virus is affecting some of our Global Church partners.  We also hope that the service enabled you to raise some money for the World Mission Fund in this year when we haven’t had our usual Easter Offering appeal and when extra grants have been given to partners around the world helping them tackle some of the particular issues arising from Covid-19.

As we mentioned before, the Covid-19 lockdown means that in discussion with the Global Relationships team we agreed to postpone the 2020 Easter Offering service, Into All The World, and encourage people to use it in 2021.  So much work and time has gone into preparing the service that we didn’t want to waste this, and we also didn’t want the paper copies that have already been printed to end up being pulped.

If you have already ordered paper copies of the resources, do keep hold of those to use in 2021 and perhaps explain to your congregations why the date is incorrect.  We are sure people will be understanding.

If you have any questions, do get in touch with us by email: or by post: MWIB, c/o Touchstone, 4 Easby Road, Bradford, BD7 1QX.

Blessings Carolyn