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Times of Sharing President’s Blog 30th October 2019

Times of Sharing President’s Blog 30th October 2019
October 30, 2019 Hilary Evans

The week began by sharing a service with my husband – an opportunity to speak about a few of my Mexican experiences – and renew some long standing friendships. Then in the middle of the week a trip to St. Paul’s for gathering in the crypt to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Action for Children. This was a rare treat, as those of us invited had the chance to look at the cathedral without the crowds, and seeing it in evening light gave it quite a magical atmosphere.
Prayers and readings were shared, and a group of youngsters sang several songs which they had composed themselves, although there was no congregational singing. Drinks and canapes were offered, along with opportunity to talk to one another and remind us all of the work and development of the charity.
The weekend found me in Braintree, travelling with two friends. The journey was not good. Friday afternoon on the M25 – not to be recommended! It took twice as long as it does on a clear run.
We travelled to share in the 80th World Federation Day. Our theme ‘Water for Life, Water of Life’, as we delved into Bible study, as well as learning facts familiar and new about water, and the lack of it in parts of the world. How fortunate we are in Britain to have clean water ‘on tap’, but also the metaphorical Water of Life that is offered to us through faith.
The women of Christchurch in Braintree provided us with a warm welcome, a beautiful centrepiece display, and a tasty cooked lunch, during which we were able to compare our day with our sister day in Darlington. They may have had more people there, but there was similarity in people coming together from a wide area. Afternoon workshops reinforced our learning and added to it, and the day closed for us as Alison Judd led the closing devotions. She included something of the history for the annual day and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the World Federation. [Keep a look out for the main messages from both venues, coming soon on the MWiB website.]
The journey home was slightly better in terms of time, but torrential rain, followed by road spray, demanded intense concentration on the road. However, on reaching home some of my family had arrived minutes before me, to stay for a few days. So, frustration from the drive quickly vanished and the past few days have enabled three generational sharing – always one of my favourite things. So, we’ve walked, chased, played games, shared food and stories, and worshipped together. Just normal things, but being together makes it special.