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President’s Blog 3rd March 2021

President’s Blog 3rd March 2021
March 3, 2021 Hilary Evans

The days are lengthening and we have had some days of sun shine. Combined with the promise of lockdown starting to lift, the spirits too are getting a boost. The garden is drawing me when I have some free time, and I have begun to tackle some of the jobs that have been ‘on the list’ for some time. Key is a small area of soft fruit at the bottom of the garden where I have moved two gooseberry bushes and some rhubarb to a new bed this week. So far the signs are positive that they will be happy in their new positions where they have plenty of good organic matter added to the soil as well as fertiliser. I look forward to a generous crop – hopefully.

The bulbs that I planted in pots last Autumn are making a splash of bright colour now, and somehow those planted around Mabel  [our liquid amber maple tree] are bigger and brighter than ever. Perhaps all the rain of winter has given them a boost. Whatever the reason, we are enjoying their show only bettered by a walk around the local arboretum recently where they have so many more planted.

The colour and brightness helps us to feel more cheerful and positive too. Yet, to be at our best, we need a change of situation, some encouragement and something to boost our energy levels. Maybe we are not so different to the plants, and every other living thing. The hope of something better on the horizon helps to motivate and energise us, it gives us more focus and more purpose, and quite often new ideas. For many of us that will encompass the possibilities of seeing our loved ones. I know it is not just me who is feeling it has been a long winter. The grandchildren have expressed that they miss seeing us and sharing together. Quite often when they arrive at our house one of their first comments is ‘Let’s go and make something’ because they know that I will have a good stock of materials for them to ‘create’ in my ‘stache’ of craft resources. What fun to see what their imaginations produce.

Perhaps organisations also need refreshment from time to time, and maybe looking to the future as we emerge into life beyond lockdown will prompt a fresh way of planning the future for many. As Methodist Women in Britain reach and celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are conscious of planning the next ten years to make best use of available resources, supporting the communities of women across the country, while holding fast to our core values and principles. What an exciting prospect ahead!