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President’s Blog: 16th October 2021

President’s Blog: 16th October 2021
October 16, 2021 Ruth Parrott

Last weekend we were able to hold Forum in hybrid form. It was lovely for some of us to meet face to face and to be able to see those not able to travel on Zoom; there was much catching up after such a long time being unable to meet. It was good for us all to meet Irene Hayes, our new Communications Officer and Amy Walters, our new Media Coordinator and also new members of Forum. Amy was busy with her camera so look out for her photos on Facebook, particularly on Thursdays as she has captured images and videos of Forum members wearing ‘Thursdays in Black T-shirts’. We were able to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, at last, with cake and bubbles and to think about ‘What Next?’, the way forward for MWiB and how we can best support women of all ages. We have exciting initiatives to work on in the coming months! All will be revealed by Forum members at their District meetings.

The COP26 Global Conference in Glasgow will soon be upon us. After watching informative videos by 3Generate and the ‘Climate Justice for All’ ambassadors we made canaries to send together with letters to our MPs to express our concerns about climate change and to encourage them to support and influence the proposals. Canaries were used in the mines to detect poisonous gases and when the canaries stopped singing, the miners knew that they were in danger. The miners cared for the canaries to protect them from harm so canaries are a symbol of hope. It is not too late to send one with an accompanying letter to your MP! See the link below for help and information.

In our communion service, led by Rev Charlotte Lorimer, we re-affirmed our commitment to the work of MWiB and lit candles to represent the work we are doing and also what we hope to do, remembering particularly the four new initiatives. We go forward with enthusiasm, thanking God for ‘all that is past and trusting for all that’s to come’.