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President’s Blog 1st November 2021

President’s Blog 1st November 2021
November 1, 2021 Ruth Parrott

President’s Blog
31st October 2021
I am writing this blog on a momentous day! The 31st October is the day when leaders of countries gather together for COP26 to discuss how we can tackle climate change and reduce the increasing global temperature. We have been building up to this summit for centuries.  Since the dawn of humanity, the world population has increased generation upon generation and so it was natural to use the earth’s resources and to dispose of waste. We have now reached crisis point and unless we do something about it our beautiful world will become an empty shell. We cannot leave the situation just to the leaders of our countries, we have to act as individuals and as groups to highlight the situation and to change our ways of life.

During the last two weeks, Michael and I have been recovering from covid. Unable to go out, even for a walk when I was feeling better, I thought it was a good opportunity to have a good sort out and to set up my new study. The books were no problem – the second-hand Book Emporium in Alsager would accept them gladly, the profits going to Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum; clothes – to charity shops. It was a different matter when I came to my kitchen cupboards! I had carefully saved every plastic container and stacked them in the cupboard ready to reuse, however supply had overtaken demand and there is a limit to how many you can use as plant pots, fridge containers, storage boxes. Do I put the residue in the recycling bin? Am I sure they will be recycled or will they end up in our ocean?

Year upon year our waste increases and new technological advances bring their own problems. Earlier this month we visited Chester Cathedral and I was struck by a sculpture ‘The Last Supper – Pilgrimage’, by Peter Barns. The sculpture on a pilgrimage around the cathedrals of the UK. It is made of fibre-glass but it is covered in mosaic tiles extracted from old computer keyboards – over 50 000 keys- too many to count! The symbols, letters and numbers have been used to create further interest and meaning. I could have studied it for hours. We need to waste less but we can be  imaginative and creative with our waste materials – how can we use them to make an impact, to make people stop and think?

Craftivism is one way in which we can use our waste materials to make an impact, to highlight injustice; writing is another. We are much more effective if we work as a group encouraging others, not just members of MWiB, to join us; we need to set the example. Forum made canaries to send to MPs to encourage them to support COP26 and to highlight the reduction in air quality. Prayer is vital and we can all pray, even if craftivism is not our cup of tea! This is God’s world, let’s make a positive impact in the short time that we are here so that future generations can enjoy our planet.