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Saturday 6th November

Saturday 6th November
November 7, 2021 Amy Walters

As we enter the garden through the gate, we consider the significance of an open door which offers an invitation, a welcome to a place of mixture; sometimes busy and industrious as the garden is cared for; sometimes a place of restfulness and peace – a place to reflect, to ponder, to relax.

We pause to consider those living in circumstances where they cannot find a place of quiet, where life is a constant struggle for survival because there is conflict, aggression and war, overcrowding and poverty, insufficient resources for day to day life. Lord we hold all who are struggling in life to you, asking that you may guide them to a place where they can find peace and comfort.

Lord we ask you to guide us to alert those in positions of power and authority to be conscious of measures that will benefit all. We pray for the leaders of the COP 26 meeting. May they realise the urgency of the global situation and work to create a world where life in all its forms is respected and resources are more fairly shared.

May each have the chance to enjoy the beauty and peace of a garden. Amen

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.’ Genesis 2:15