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    Saturday 18th December

    Saturday 18th December
    December 18, 2021 Amy Walters


    I can only catch sight of rainbows in the back garden. 

    They are always a surprise.  Can God’s promises fill us with surprise?


    A December day and the rainbow

    is fleetingly present.

    Glimpsed it disappears.

    But caught, momentarily,

    it energises.

    Advent promise is not fleeting.

    It comes as warning, as challenge, as hope.

    It comes with the voices of prophets

    calling Prepare the Way!

    heralding visions of a time to be

    when all will be well.

    It comes into being

    with the Angel’s message

    to Mary, to Joseph, to those shepherds

    to me and to you.

    Down the ages the promise rings out

    its clarion call.

    That promise brought to birth as –

    Emmanuel, God with us.

    And our response to that promise?

    In a world torn apart

    with greed, cruelty, apathy,

    with our dis-eased planet

    trembling on the brink

    do we cry out in despair?

    Where is the Advent promise of hope?


    The rainbow is only revealed

    where there is both

    sunshine and rain.

    Perhaps a reminder of your presence Lord,

    both in tears and in laughter.

    It spreads its arc, splitting the light into splendour.

    Can we imagine that,

    as our tears fall,

    your light catches them and they gleam?

    Loving God,

    help us to catch the fragments of hope,

    the light in the tears.

    Help us to learn how to weave them together,

    the joy and the sorrow,

    the health and the pain,

    the grief and rejoicing;

    help us to learn to hold on in the dark

    to the light of that Eternal Promise:


    ‘I will be with you always to the end of time.’