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Our Woman Waiting to Leave

Our Woman Waiting to Leave
February 3, 2022 Amy Walters

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting on my visa application to Ecquador be approved*. It’s an anxious wait. I’m waiting to leave for my placement. That’s a nerve-wracking, but exciting wait. But the past few years, since I heard God’s call to serve abroad, have, at times, felt frustrating.

Waiting can come in different seasons and with different purposes. Moving far away can feel like going through the wardrobe to Narnia, you go to another place, come home, and in many ways, it seems nothing has changed. But waiting to leave can feel like being stuck in the wardrobe.

Not all waiting is bad though! Last Autumn, I was blessed by three months spent at Cliff College, studying and preparing alongside other mission partners. Time to learn, pray, listen, discuss, read, worship and laugh together. Over the past few months, I have been constantly encouraged by God about his call and his timing. Since then, there have been things to prepare and organise (sometimes it feels like you could never have enough time), suitcases to pack, and time to spend with family and friends.

Waiting requires patience (obviously!) and also wisdom, and sometimes a sense of humour. Keep praying, keep waiting and keep preparing in the meantime. We trust in God’s timing, His providence, His power and His call.


Melissa Newell


* Update: my visa has been approved, and I’ll be off on 7 February 2022!