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5th February 2022 – Thoughts on Rainbows

5th February 2022 – Thoughts on Rainbows
February 5, 2022 Amy Walters

The Great Orme, Llandudno


Bible Reading – Job 38



When we think of creation, we often use the Genesis reading or the Psalms but I really like the one in Job, for it is so majestic. And now living in North Wales, creation is all around me and I am sometimes speechless at the beauty of what I see but of all the signs of creation I think I love rainbows the most! And I wonder why when you see a rainbow and try to capture it in a picture it is never as magical, mesmerizing or beautiful as the real thing?

Driving home from church from Conwy to Llandudno the most amazing rainbow appeared for a few moments in the sky spanning both West and North Shores overarching the town.  It was stunning and then in what seemed a blink of an eye it was gone. We had had a lot of heavy downpours during the week and on most days a rainbow had appeared, on one day I even saw two, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. It made the rain worthwhile for me! In the past God has sent me rainbows when I have been going through really tough times, mind you when I see one now I tend to think “What’s wrong? Why had God sent me a rainbow today?” But I realise most days I see one he is just painting a beautiful prism in the sky for me to marvel at.

When I was stationed in Tyne and Wear I lived in Wallsend – where Hadrian’s wall ended! Sometimes I used to go across to Carlisle on the A69. One day travelling the route with a friend we saw dozens of rainbows – no it wasn’t the same one, for the whole route, rainbows kept appearing and we wondered what the collective noun for lots of rainbows was and decided it was called a covenant of rainbows.

A covenant – an offer of promises made and kept. Most of us are familiar with our annual Covenant Service but actually it is not a once a year offering, and for me, very much like the rainbow, I tend to remember and claim God’s promises in the more stormy more difficult moments of life, when the hopes and promises burst through like a rainbow against a darkened sky.

Rainbows are definitely for me God’s gift, it’s the assurance of light that overcomes the darkness, and that incredible transparency that reminds me that I can hide nothing from God but he sees and love me through Jesus my Saviour and I also see that the myriad of colours made through a rainbow’s spectrum showcases the creativity and vibrancy of God’s creative power.

It’s February and the days are short, the nights are long, it’s cold and the trees are bare, snowdrops and crocus are poised to bring colour to the earth, but winter is monochrome and yet into it comes the rainbow, reminding us of God’s promises of love and faithfulness, of the colours of his love and healing, and of the hope of spring yet to come.


Do you look for rainbows in the rain?

Do you find them amazing and beautiful?

Are you sad when they just disappear?

Do you think of God’s promises when you see one?


I have come to believe that just as the sun always shines even when it’s cloudy, that somewhere in the world a rainbow will be visible! I may not see it but someone will.

I thank God for moments however short they may be of reminders of his love and promises for me, and rainbows do that, what helps you to be aware of God’s love and promises with and for you?

Since I have “retired” last September each day I have been writing a prayer and a Haiku and these are from my “collection.”



Rainbow, Covenant God, who is faithful and true in all things, may those same qualities abound in us your children, that in truth, love and faithfulness we may serve you and this world that you made, so that you may be revealed in everyplace and person and your light guide us to live and be your covenant, rainbow people always. Amen



God of the Rainbows

Who paints the sky with colour

We give thanks for hope


Deacon Denise Creed