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11th June 2022 – A Future with Hope

11th June 2022 – A Future with Hope
June 11, 2022 Amy Walters

To give you a future with hope

♪♫ «The sun that sets here, brings light to the people across the sea; and there will always be a voice that gives thanks for your deeds.»

This song unites all World Day of Prayer women around the world every year on the first Friday in March and has done so for almost 100 years! This was also represented by the 7 candles for our 7 world regions that were lit in the liturgy from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They shine in the 7 colours of the rainbow for the lived ecumenism with all our different denominations.

Connected with each other in a women’s network around the earth

As a global World Day of Prayer movement, we network around the world. Our common logo connects us like the circle of the earth and shows that though we live in all directions, we are still united in prayer!



This connectedness gives me «future and hope» for a caring togetherness on our one, common earth. I, Vroni Peterhans- Suter from Switzerland, can connect worldwide with my sisters in prayer and in solidarity projects.

What networks are important to me and to you?
Which relationships would I particularly like to deepen in the near future?
Would it be a gift like a phone call?
Or spending some time with someone?
Or would a walk together be good?





our light and bread,
our way and our word,we come before you.With different reality –
and yet in the same rhythm.

From the East we come, in the West we live.
In the North we are at home and inhabit the South.Different and united,
each others sisters, your daughters.»

From Andante Prayer by Jacqueline Keune, Lucerne