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Empowerment Gifts

Empowerment Gifts
April 1, 2023 Judith Simms
‘Methodist Women in Britain Empowerment Gifts’
Each year, MWiB donate £15,000 to share between projects supporting work with women overseas, selected by the MWiB Trustees.
MWIB would prefer complete projects rather than part-funding a project.
Last year 5 projects were given support totalling £14,421.33
Uganda Conece ngo Project – Procurement and distribution of assistive devices – wheelchairs, crutches, white canes and hearing aids to assist 80 vulnerable children and women with disabilities who have HIV .
Sri Lanka for Tamil Widows – equipment to make things which they can sell to tourists and others – sewing machines, oven, beads, cages and chickens.
Columbia – Healthy Gardens – allotments, to improve food security and general financial independence which will raise the quality of life for women –
tools, seeds, manure and insecticide. 
Fiji Training re Gender Based Violence – training women in pastoral care within the Methodist Church that will show the Methodist Church takes gender based violence seriously – 12 participants in 10 sessions leading to a Recognised Level 4 Qualification leading to future employment.
Togo Promotion of Good Hygiene – training, vaccination, bleach and rehydration solutions; provide hygiene, sanitisation and access to drinking water.

MWiB will work closely with All We Can, WFM&UCW and Global Relationships Partnership Co-ordinators to identify suitable projects.
Suggestions for recipients of this year’s Empowerment Gifts are welcome.

You are encouraged to read Methodist publications including The Connexion Magazine, Junior Mission For All – you can sign up to regular e-news from Global Relations and J.M.A. on the website, ‘The Tree of Life’, Methodists for World Mission (MWM) magazine and Mission Partners’
newsletters and to select initiatives that are working to empower women through our partner churches.
The initiatives should be in accordance with the aims and objectives of MWiB and meet the following criteria:

1. The gift will help to advance the Christian faith – seeking “to know Christ and to make him known”.
2. The gift will help to develop the capacity and skills of women members of the Methodist Church, enabling them to participate more fully in the life of the church, their community, and society.
3. The gift will help to combat injustice and poverty in local communities and around the world.
(It may be helpful to consult the MWiB constitution for full information).
4. Gifts will not be made to fund capital project [building work]
5. Gifts will not be made to pay salary or ongoing staff costs.
6. The organisation must have a bank account and correct bank details must be given for a gift to be awarded. Personal bank accounts cannot be used.
Applications will be discussed by the MWIB executive and brought to the Autumn Trustee Meeting for approval.

The application form for this year is available here: Empowerment-Gift-form-2024 – 1
The closing date is the 31st July.
If you think you meet the criteria for an Empowerment Gift, please consider making an application.
Sylvia White
MWIB Empowerment Gifts