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Prayer for the Week 22nd July 2023

Prayer for the Week 22nd July 2023
July 22, 2023 Bronwen

22nd July Calm Water – Psalm 65 v 7 & 8

God stilled the roaring of the seas, the roaring of the waves and the turmoil of the nations. Those living far away fear your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.

I have recently been on a cruise and this photo was taken as the sun set in the North Atlantic. What struck me was the total calmness of the sea, which caused me to feel tranquil and calm. The seas are such a powerful force and can soon turn rough and threatening. Sometimes our world is an image of the seas appearing tranquil and calm but is often far from calm and peaceful. We should turn our attention to our Lord more and pray for Peace and Tranquillity in our world.

Lord Jesus we give thanks for the seas and opportunities to spend time on them either cruising, sailing or even swimming to enjoy the marine creatures such as whales and dolphins, fish both large and small. May the serenity of a calm sea rule in our lives that we may all live in a peaceful world where all are in harmony, in Jesus name Amen.

Nina Rawlins (Finance Officer)