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Cumbria MWiB – “Together at Tebay for Talk & Tea”

Cumbria MWiB – “Together at Tebay for Talk & Tea”
August 21, 2023 Bronwen
Cumbria MWiB    –  “Together at Tebay for Talk & Tea” 
Following on from the Deacons Day in Penrith in June, Cumbria MWiB had an August Afternoon Tea at Tebay MC, where over 50 people gathered to hear Debs Coggrave, new  Area MWiB Trustee, talk about her Unexpected Trip to Bolivia.
The Methodist Church in Bolivia had sent an invitation to England for a representative to attend their Assembly, and this was offered to MWiB rather on the last minute. Debs had previously travelled in South America to Peru, Brazil and Argentina, so was familiar with the climate & altitude and was fully vaccinated, so the ideal person to go. Sandra Goodwin, past President of MWiB had previously travelled to Bolivia, where MWiB were supporting the building of “Tabitha House”, a refuge for women & children, so the visit offered a great opportunity to see how this was progressing.
Before having the delightful Afternoon Tea, prepared by the ladies of the Circuit, Debs told us how this journey to the Bolivian Assembly came about:- her warm welcome by Bishop Antonio, the peoples’ generosity, lively music with tambourines, drums & guitars; liturgical dance, colourful dress, unusual food, plus their wonderful faith. Debs also mentioned the long hours of travel between the various venues which she visited, including to the oldest Methodist Church in Brazil (built in 1924), meeting children at their holiday club and also Sister Santusa, who is the equivalent of our MWiB President.
On visiting Tabitha House, it was obvious from the pictures shown by Debs , that the Refuge was not yet complete, Covid-19 having intervened!! However, MWiB at their next Forum, will discuss how they may further help Tabitha House.
A special thanks must go to all present, for their generous donation of £340 & to the ladies of the Circuit for super tea.

The pictures below show Debs in black, Rev Jackie Betts leading worship and ladies and gents(4) who attended.
Submitted by Delphine (Kendal)