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Prayer for the Week – 23rd September 2023

Prayer for the Week – 23rd September 2023
September 23, 2023 Bronwen

Postcard Prayers from Malta week 4

As a popular tourist destination with World Heritage sites Malta has always felt the tension between meeting the needs of visitors, those who live and work there  and the need to protect the environment.

World Tourism Day is an annual event when churches and civic groups come together on Malta to evaluate and plan sustainable tourism. Together they cover a broad range of topics including social, economic, political ,cultural and spiritual welfare of everyone .The church sees its role as promoting the development of people in the light of the gospel and enjoying life in all its fullness. The churches are very involved in hospitality and meeting the needs of visitors and pilgrims to the islands.

As a visitor I was very pleased to see for myself the innovative way that recycling is being approached on the islands. Plastic water bottles had been identified as a particular issue as people needed to rehydrate in the heat. In a bid to keep Malta free from plastic bright litter recycling roadshow trucks are out and about encouraging people to recyle their used plastic bottles for cash as well as other household waste, tyres and mattresses. The trucks are manned to offer advice to visitors. Colour codes recycling tubs and full instructions were in place in our holiday apartment and collected daily.

So we pray for World Tourism Day this month. We pray for those involved in the discussions and decision making regarding tourism in Malta. We pray for those who work in tourism. We pray for those organising pilgrimages and providing hospitality, We  pray for bus drivers and taxi drivers and air crew. We pray for those who work long resturants and food outlets

We pray for the  churches in Malta and Gozo as they offer support and hospitality for those in need.

Lord we know that offering hospitality is central to our calling. Help us to be alert to those in need around us,

Maggie Woods