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Prayer for the Week – 16th September 2023

Prayer for the Week – 16th September 2023
September 16, 2023 Bronwen

Postcard Prayers from Malta 3

The patron saint of Malta is St Agatha who was born on nearby Sicily in 231AD. Agatha was considered a great beauty and came from a comfortable background but decided in her early teens to dedicate her life to Christ. The roman governor of Sicily was very taken with Agatha but she refused his advances and refused to renounce her faith. Despite the dangers Agatha went to Malta to ensure that children were taught the Christian faith. Frustrated by her refusal to change her mind or to change her faith the Governor threw her into prison and subjected her to torture by stretching her on the rack and mutilating her breasts. She was then sentenced to be burned at the stake but a violent storm and earthquake the night before the execution made it impossible to light the pyre. She died later in prison.

St Agatha is also patron saint of breast cancer patients and rape victims and those affected by fire.

This week we pray for those men and women affected by breast cancer and for their family and friends. We pray for doctors and nurses who care for them, for occupational therapists and physiotherapists and for the researchers who strive to improve treatments and outcomes.

We pray for victims of violence and gender based discrimination in our world today. We pray for those affected by sex trafficking and other forms of modern slavery.

Remind us that our freedom to worship is not available to all and pray that  we never take it for granted.

Maggie Woods