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February 4, 2012 admin
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Bolivian charity CLEM, Community of Freedom and Hope for Women, is supported by UK charity Friends of Clem and its trading arm CLEMCraft, selling goods made by the CLEM women and other appropriate merchandise.  Friends of Clem has been part of the life of women’s movements in British Methodism since its inception and we are proud to continue this relationship.

Community of Freedom and Hope for Women

Women in Bolivia are born into a male dominated culture which has refused to value and respect them, and although we can only try to imagine their day to day challenges and fears we must admire them for their determination to bring about change for the future.

However, admiration is not enough. Friends of Clem and ClemCraft exist to offer more practical help for the women, who are desperately trying to work their way out of poverty, provide a better life for themselves and their families and create a future free from violence, abuse and hardship for other women.

Visit the Friends of Clem website to see the progress they have made in the CLEM House and Medical Centre and, if their story touches your heart, see how you can help.  There are opportunities to give a donation, offer time as a volunteer to increase awareness or promote the goods from CLEMCraft.

Our on- line shop has a range of bags and goods at reasonable prices and every purchase supports a better future for the women of CLEM.

Do you enjoy meeting people?

Would you give just a little of your time to tell a story that has already changed lives, and could change many more?

The Women of CLEM in Bolivia are trying to work their way out of poverty; but they need our help to make more people aware of their challenging existence, and their vision for the future.

To find out how you can make a difference by just talking!  please call Angela 01484 685147 or  email: