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    7th June 2015 – Jesus my King,

    7th June 2015 – Jesus my King,
    June 7, 2015 Hazel Parsons


    Jesus my King

    Jesus my King,
    Out walking one day I saw an open gate
    inviting me in.
    What lay beyond?
    Was it safe to take a peek – to step inside?

    No. Private.
    No entry.

    Jesus said ‘I am the gate of the sheep.
    If anyone comes in by me, they will be safe,
    and will go in and out and find pasture.’

    I am so thankful that you, Jesus,
    guard the gate for me,
    that you keep me safe,
    and that you recognise me
    when I call to you.

    Help me to recognise your voice
    and follow you in love and trust
    when you call me
    inviting me in;
    So that I may have the life you bring
    and have it full to overflowing.

    Amen                                    Jackie Smith

    Reading – John: 10. 9

    Hymn StF 654 The love of God comes close