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Saturday 13 June – the executive meet again

Saturday 13 June – the executive meet again
June 19, 2015 Linda Crossley

The present pattern of exec meetings is that at this time of year, we hold a shorter 1-day meeting on a Saturday.  So Anne and I were soon joined at the Highbury Centre by Liz and Alison, and Lynne Ling, who now kindly supports MWiB by taking the minutes of these meetings.  Unfortunately, Gillian’s train was delayed and we had to make a start without her – but only a start!  We were soon at full strength and able to address the usual lengthy agenda.  We had prioritised the most important matters to discuss, including all the details of the tea and evening service on 26 June, and agreed which other items would be followed up later by email.

This was the last exec meeting that I shall chair, my tenth in that role.  None of us has missed attending even one, so that is a lot of woman-hours devoted to progressing the business.  Today we enjoyed the use of a light and airy room overlooking the Highbury Centre garden, with regular and good refreshments being served for us!  The roses we overlooked were very similar to these photographed in Brighouse on my return!  even in 2 years, I haven’t mastered remembering to take enough photos whilst I’m on my travels.

As usual, we “check in” with each other by text or email later in the day, and I can report that we all made it home safely and in time to prepare for Sunday in our home churches.  Linda