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Tuesday 16 June – Dementiaville

Tuesday 16 June – Dementiaville
June 22, 2015 Linda Crossley

Many readers will know that it is planned to launch at our Fringe Event, Anne’s commissioning service on 26 June, the Dementia-Friendly Churches Pack which MWiB and Methodist Homes (MHA) in partnership have created.  During the course of this work,over the past 15 months, many people have alerted me to programmes, films, events and services connected with this issue.  Until very recently, some of those were able to be added to the pack, but this is no longer possible.

Chris Perkins, MWiB Forum member since 2011, drew my attention to a short series of programmes which recently aired on Channel 4, under the title Dementiaville.  I have not seen them yet, so cannot comment on the content, but they promise to “….explore a radical approach to Dementia Care.”  I certainly intend to view them, for the more we learn about this condition, the better-equipped we are to help those living with it and those who care for them.  At the time of typing (22 June) all 3 episodes are available on Channel 4’s online service “All 4” until mid-July, around the 17th.

See HERE for details.  Take alook if you can.  Linda