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Friday 3 July – Butterflies

Friday 3 July – Butterflies
July 3, 2015 Anne Browse

Today I feel as though I have flitted, like a butterfly, between washing machine, iPad, kitchen and suitcase, as I have tried to land again after the roller coaster of the past two weeks. I left home almost a fortnight ago for London and the Pre-Conference Consultation with members of the World Church, travelling on to Methodist Conference last Friday for that wonderful, memorable MWiB Fringe Event, where many of us were able to come together to share tea and conversation and worship. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who, for all sorts of reasons, were unable to join us in Southport, but with whom we were joined in Christ in our thoughts and prayers and by his Spirit.

It will be exactly a year ago next week that my house was filled with cards and gifts as I left behind my teaching career of 34 years. This afternoon I have read through the greetings and good wishes which have come my way in the past few weeks and just a few of them are shown in today’s photo. I will try to thank you all in some way, but for the moment please know how very much I appreciate the loving support of so many friends, old and new. Thank you!

With love and feeling very blessed, Anne x