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Thursday 30 July 2015 – Table talk

Thursday 30 July 2015 – Table talk
July 30, 2015 Anne Browse

Another home-based day, preparing for a deluge of visitors tonight. It has been great to see so many friends and family from different places together around the table in various sittings and combinations.

First to arrive was Sophie, our eldest daughter, who moved out of home and into her first house on 22 May, the day I flew out to Germany. She has come home to help set up Girls’ Brigade summer camp tomorrow. Then came Liz and John Marriott, who have been holidaying in Devon and are staying here tonight before heading home in the morning. They were followed by Andy and Jenni and their two little girls. Sam and James arrived at 8.30, to stay the night before setting up camp tomorrow. Last to arrive was Katie, our youngest daughter, who had travelled from Leeds, with the request that the washing machine should be empty, please! The first load is spinning now. More about Sam and Katie’s involvement in a future blog.

Ken and David and I brought the number up to thirteen people fed and watered here tonight, and the conversation has continued until well after 11 o’clock. I snapped this picture of Liz and John as we were chatting after sipper.  Time to post this blog and retire for the night!