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Wednesday 29 July 2015 – An evening less ordinary

Wednesday 29 July 2015 – An evening less ordinary
July 28, 2015 Anne Browse

Yesterday finished with a less ordinary twist, when we collected the prize we had won at our local agricultural show last Saturday for guessing the number of sweets in the Sea Cadets’ jar!  It was actually Ken’s estimate which won. He reckoned that there were 627 sweets, only 8 short of the correct answer! I assumed this was pure guesswork, until he modestly muttered something about counting how many sweets there were in a column from top to bottom and then applying a mathematical formula to come up with his answer. He is definitely the mathematician in our marriage!

I will try to blog about something more deep and meaningful tomorrow! We are about to begin to set up one of our fields for the Girls’ Brigade summer camp which is held here each year. In 1967 I attended the same camp for my first time, that year in Bossington near Minehead. That was to be a real turning point for me, as I made a clear decision to follow Jesus and be known as Christian. I had no idea then where that decision would lead me! I have no regrets!