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Saturday 8 August 2015 – Time to go home

Saturday 8 August 2015 – Time to go home
August 8, 2015 Anne Browse

Today the field has been returned almost to its pre-camp state, except for the bare patches which show where tents have been. As people walk past this evening they will not see the glow of lights or hear the sound of singing from the marquee. The laughter and the voices have gone and the field has been returned to the birds and the rabbits and eventually again to the cows. Another camp over, packed away for another year.

The week has been filled with fun and friendship and an opportunity for these girls to live life a little more simply. Stories have been shared, prayers have been prayed, God has been worshipped. Camp has been a ‘safe space’ for many girls and women, where it has been possible to be accepted for who we are, whatever our background, our age, our individual needs.  It is our prayer that many of us will have drawn a little closer to God and become more aware of his presence with us each day.