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Tuesday 18 August 2015 – bug’s life

Tuesday 18 August 2015 – bug’s life
August 18, 2015 Anne Browse

I am always surprised at which of these blog posts seem to generate the most apparent interest and excitement. Yesterday’s item about crickets and grasshoppers had people debating and researching. One reader told me that she and her mother gathered together all the wildlife books in the house and discovered they owned about 30! Despite that library of information they still disagreed about whether the creature was a cricket or a grasshopper!

Education has changed over the years. Chalk and talk has given way to independent learning, although I note that some people here still seem to favour the didactic approach of China’s system. Yesterday’s experience with the blog suggested to me that maybe it is sometimes better to pose a question and then leave people to strive to discover their own answer, with help where needed.

Jesus frequently responded to a question with a further question, or with a story, until the questioner went away satisfied or curious or still puzzled. So for those of you who searched the Internet or pored over books, especially if you have not yet put the books away, what about this specimen in today’s photo? Last night Katie and I returned to the field where GB camp was held just over a week ago, to comb the grass for any stray items of litter or lost property. This insect was happy to be the subject of the camera, just as was his (or her) relative yesterday morning.

News of the pilgrims tomorrow!