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    Monday 21 September 2015 – technology-free weekend

    Monday 21 September 2015 – technology-free weekend
    September 21, 2015 Anne Browse

    Apologies that this blog is being posted late.  A technology-free weekend was blissful, but my return into earth’s atmosphere has not been without its difficulties!

    So why the technology-free, blog-free period?  Two reasons, really.  Lee Abbey had no internet access for guests and no mobile phone signal except at the top of a steep nearby hill, or so I have been told.  It was actually rather therapeutic to win back so much time usually spent answering emails and text messages. It was also a novelty to use a pay phone again!

    Last Christmas my daughters presented me with 52 challenges,one for each week of the year, as I have so much free time on my hands now!  One of the challenges was to manage without my mobile devices for a day and to post evidence in the book which they also gave me.  Here is my page for last week!