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Monday 28 September 2015 – red moon

Monday 28 September 2015 – red moon
September 28, 2015 Anne Browse

This evening our internet is even slower and less reliable than normal, so I am struggling to load a blog tonight.

I have asked permission from a friend, John Young, to use one of his wonderful photos of the blood moon which I suspect we have probably all seen, either in real time or on the media today.  I did not get up until 4.30 this morning, by which time the lunar eclipse show was over, but it has still been fascinating to see other people’s photos, especially via the BBC website and social media.

I did take a rather pathetic photo of what I could see of the moon at 4.30 this morning, but John’s, taken through his telescope, is vastly superior.  His wife, Hilary, reports that she slept on when John got up in the early hours to take his pictures.  She then enjoyed the eclipse vicariously this morning!

However you have viewed the blood moon, I wonder what thoughts it has inspired?