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Tuesday 6 October 2015 – admiring the view

Tuesday 6 October 2015 – admiring the view
October 6, 2015 Anne Browse



I love it when we hold MWiB meetings in Methodist Church House which are not down in the basement rooms, with no natural light!  Today the Heritage and Archives task group met on the seventh floor, and although I did not get to look out of the window properly until the meeting was over, I was always aware that there was a view out there!

I have a friend who sometimes describes the journey of life as being a bit like walking carefully along a rocky path, aware of a view ahead, but unable to look up too much for fear of stumbling on what we are walking over.  No matter how difficult the climb, we know that it will be rewarded, eventually, with a magnificent view.

This analogy really helps me on days when things feel a bit hard going.  It also reminds me that sometimes the only way to appreciate the view ahead, even briefly, is to stop for a while and rest from the climb…