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Friday 9 October 2015 – looking after our health

Friday 9 October 2015 – looking after our health
October 9, 2015 Anne Browse

I have struggled since last Saturday with vertigo. Eventually I agreed with my friends that a trip to the GP was necessary and she diagnosed labyrinthitis.  My friends are happy that I have done the sensible thing and seen a doctor.  I now know that it is a virus and must simply take its course. 

Our prayers today will doubtless be with many of our friends and family, especially those who suffer with far greater health issues than a touch of dizziness.  This week some of us have been asked to remember Leanne Nakanishi, secretary of the California-Pacific Methodist Conference in our prayers, as she battles cancer for a second time.  I am sure many of us will also want to pray for Pauline Cafferkey, the Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone last year and who is reported to be in a “serious condition” after being readmitted to an isolation unit in London.

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day and I will be posting a guest blog written by Jackie Smith.  I shall leave that blog as our focus for this weekend and will write again on Monday.

The photo is one from last October, when I was able to take a few days away.  I have scheduled in a three day personal retreat at the end of this month.  Please pray also for those who are unable or unwillng to take a break, for whatever reason, and try to support them if you can!