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Thursday 10 December 2015 – origami

Thursday 10 December 2015 – origami
December 10, 2015 Anne Browse

A little more about Treloyhan with Cornwall District last week.

I had never been the speaker at an MWiB residential before, so these women were in effect my guinea pigs.  I hope they did not mind me trying things out on them!  I wanted to offer optional activities to those who chose to do something other than simply listen to and share stories.  One day there was the opportunity to select a song, perhaps a significant song from our faith journey, and turn it into an origami Christmas tree. 

These trees became more than just personal mementoes of the past or even of the residential.  People worked together to help each other follow the origami instructions.  Some worked without any instructions, and simply looked at the example and folded away until they had a tree.  There were protestations of ‘I don’t do craft’ and then some rather proud moments when the square of paper actually did finally resemble a tree!  Even some who had not chosen the activity when it was first offered were to be found folding trees late into the evening, and laughing and chatting together.

This Christmas many of us will find ourselves drawn into ‘childish’ games and activities as different generations gather together.  These activities might offer opportunity to share more than just a craft or a board game.  I am smiling as I imagine some of you playing on the Wii!